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Intelligent Programmable Controller
Intelligent Programmable Controller
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CHA Series Intelligent Programmable Controller

This is a modularized designed controller, there are totally five slots inside of controller, different modules like output module,communication modules(RS-485),auxilary modules(24V DC) can be plugged into respective slots, so that the controller can work exactly the way we want it to be. the assemble and disassemble of the modules is very easy to manipulate.several advantages to have a modularized item:

1)Fast delivery are possible, only thing you have to do is change the modules and make the delivery
2)Reduce the stock level for distributors
3)Very easy to diagnose if there is a problem and save a lot of efforts, replace a module is not a big problem at all
4)Compound design, more space inside of controller, excellent for heat ventilation


Power supply:90~260VAC
         RTD(Cu50, PT100)
         Linear Voltage and current:0-5V,1-5V,0-1V,0-100mV,0-20mV,0-60mV,0.2-1V(100-
                                                500mV),-20 -+20mV(0-10V) -5V- +5V(0-50V), -100-         
         Linear Resistor:0-80 Ohm, 0-400 Ohm

Display:Dual line four digits LED display
Output: Relay
            Voltage pulse to drive SSR
            Triac No contact discrete output(NO or NC)
            Single phase thyristor zero crossing trigger output
            Single phase thyristor phase-shift trigger output
            Three phase thyristor zero crossing trigger output
            Linear signal 0-20mA or 4-20mA
Auto-Tuning:Auto-tuning and manual tuning available
0.2%FS+- 0.1C(Cu50 cooper resistor compensation or ice point compensation)
                0.2%FS+0.2C (TC input and internal compenstation)
Available size: 48mm*48mm,48mm*96mm(Horizontal),72mm*72mm,96mm*96mm,96mm*48mm(Vertical)
             AI MPT with auto tuning,adopting fuzzy logic PID algorithm
Decimal points:Configurable
Response time: Less than 0.5S(configurable)
Resolution: 10C or 0.10C(automatically change to 10C when the tempeature is higher than 999)
Temperature drift:Less than 0.01%FS 0C(Typical value is 50ppm/0C)
Alarm Mode:Absolute value high limit,Absolute value low limit, Deviation high limit alarm, Deviation low limit alarm.
Soft start funcion:In some paticular application, 100% ouput ratio is not allowed when the power just turned on, soft start function is
                            a great feature to solve this problem.
Dual Setpoint: Available, can switch between each other via on/off swtich which connected to terminals at the back
Control action: Heating, Heating+Cooling(on/off cooling, not PID cooling)
Auto/Manual Control:Auto/manual control are switchable via buttons on the front panel
Alarm blocking after power on:In some occassion, for example, in the heating process, when the alarm is set to as low deviation alarm,
                                                 right after the power is turned on, the alarm will be triggered but there is no problem in the system, the
                                                  alarm block function can solve this problem
PV re-transimmion output:available, as feed of PLC or indicator or paperless recorder
Mounting:Panel Mount

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